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Swimming & Boating:
Please be aware of boating and swimming safety issues. Have life preservers as well as a throwable cushion readily at hand. Don't go swimming off your boat in deep water far from shore unless you are a strong swimmer and be sure that someone on the boat is able to operate it and assist you if you get into trouble. Deep water is often much colder than shallow water and you may tire more quickly.

Most experts will tell you to never go into the water to assist someone unless you have had life saver training. Remember, that person may be panicked and you can easily lose control of the situation. Better to try to get a floating cushion or life ring to the person or reach out to them with an oar or boat hook. It may be quite difficult to get the person back into the boat as well.

If you have communications, call for help right away. Consider taking a life saving course from the Red Cross or other agency as well as CPR. For more information on swimmer safety click HERE. Or download the Red Cross Water Safety PDF page HERE.

NH Safe Boater Education:
NH Safe Boater Education Certificate Requirements for 2008 and beyond New Hampshire requires all operators of boats with motors of more than 25hp to have a valid NH Safe Boater Education Certificate. A Safe Boater Education Certificate may be obtained by persons 16 years of age or older only and must be carried on board. If you do not have a NH Safe Boating Certificate, you may take a test at West Shore Marine on our computer to get a 14 day license. This is a one-time only from the State of NH and after it expires you must get the permanent license in order to operate a boat in NH. For more information on how to get a Safe Boater Certificate, CLICK HERE.

From the State of NH:
Chapter 4: The Legal Requirements of Boating Who May Operate a Vessel A vessel powered by 25 horsepower or less does not require the operator to have a Safe Boater Education Certificate. A "ski craft" (motorized vessel less than 13 feet long that is capable of exceeding 20 miles per hour and has the capacity to carry no more than an operator and one other person) may be operated only by persons who are 16 years old or older and who have a valid Safe Boater Education Certificate as required by the "Schedule for Required Safe Boater Education." A vessel powered by more than 25 horsepower (other than a "ski craft") may be operated by: A person under 16 years of age only if he or she is accompanied by a person 18 years old or older who has a valid Safe Boater Education Certificate. The accompanying person is responsible for any injury or damage caused during operation of the vessel. A person 16 years of age or older only if he or she has obtained a Safe Boater Education Certificate as required by the "Schedule for Required Safe Boater Education."