Current Hours: Monday - Saturday 9am-5pm | Closed Sunday
Gas Dock: Closed for the Season

Do I need a boat license to oprate a boat on Newfound Lake?

Yes. NH Safe Boater Education Certificate Requirements For 2008 and beyond New Hampshire requires all operators of boats with motors of more than 25hp to have a valid NH Safe Boater Education Certificate. A Safe Boater Education Certificate may be obtained by persons 16 years of age or older only and must be carried on board. If you do not have a NH Safe Boating Certificate, you may take a test at West Shore Marine on our computer to get a 14 day license. This is a one-time only from the State of NH and after it expires you must get the permanent license in order to operate a boat in NH. For more information on how to get a Safe Boater Certificate, CLICK HERE.

Do you have dock space for rent/use?

No. We do NOT have any docks that we rent. However, once in a while we may know of a private dock that is available. Contact us for information. Also, you may try the Newfound Boat Club. This is a condo dock association that often has docks available for sale or rent.

Do you provide Valet Boat Service?

Sorry, but we have very little dock space and we can only provide this service for a few boats. Please contact us to see if there are any available openings. We are actively looking at possible ways to expand our valet offerings and we will publish any updates here.

Where can I purchase Gasoline on Newfound Lake?

In season our gas dock is open and manned every day from 9am to 5pm. We are the only available fuel source on the lake. You may find a line of boats waiting. Please be patient and considerate of other boaters. We refuel all boats in the order that they arrive at our dock. Be aware that refueling boats in the water from a portable fuel container can be VERY dangerous and there is a substantial risk of spills either in your boat or in the water. If no one is at the fuel dock, please call us at our office (603) 744-2900 and we will send someone down.

What if I need Emergency Service while on the lake?

In any life threatening situation always call 911 first.
We will try to respond as quickly as we can to emergency service calls. Since we have limited resources, you will have to be patient.

What Repair Services do you offer?

Our experienced techs are trained on all of the popular engine and drive systems as well as other mechanical parts of boats. We can usually turn the work around quickly, but during the spring, when boats are coming out of storage, you may experience some delays.

Fiberglass Repair: We also have expert fiberglass, canvas, and upholstery repair and/or replacement service available.

Parts and Accessories: Our ship store is well stocked, and if you need something that we do not stock, we can order it and, in most cases, have it the next day. Weekend orders normally arrive on Tuesday.

If you have any questions or issues that we may be ably to assist you with, please contact us.

Boat Rentals - Click HERE.

Do you rent Jet Skis?

No, but we have a variety of rental boats available.

Do you have Pabbelboards?

We sell a selection of Paddle Boards. It is a great way to see the lake when the weather is nice. Very early morning is particularly enjoyable when there is no boat traffic and the lake is perfectly quiet. During the summer season, Newfound Fitness will be offering SUP Yoga & Fitness classes out of our Marina. More information and a schedule will be available as the summer season approaches.

Do you offer Winter Storage?

We should be able to accommodate everyone who needs winterizing and/or winter storage. Over the past few years we have been expanding to accommodate everyone's storage needs. A 7 acre parcel of land just down the road from the yard with a rack storage building accommodating 50 boats inside was purchased. This represented a major step forward for West Shore Marine since we can now store many more boats, both inside & outside, freeing up space in the main boat yard. We are looking to expand the amount of boats we can accommodate inside, in the near future. Stay tuned for updates. If you are going to need winter service or storage, please contact us soon so we can get your information into out computer system. You will receive a winter contract in the fall.

Can I launch my boat at West Shore Marine?

Well.... maybe. See note below. We reccomend using Wellington State Park's free launch ramp. They offer free parking. We reccomend getting there early on a nice day!

West Shore Marine has a launch ramp, but we do NOT have any parking available. The charge for a launch or haul is $10 but you have to find a place to park your rig and there is nothing close by. Some days and most weekends, when we have a lot of boats to launch, the ramp is closed to the public.

An Important Note on launching: Be sure that your boat is clean of any weeds before you launch. Newfound Lake has avoided being infested with invasive plant species such as milfoil so far and we want to keep it that way! The Newfound Lakes Region Association has led the battle to protect the lake. We encourage you to visit their website and see what you can do to support their efforts.